Sulawesi Tolajuk Coffee, 12oz

Atypical Coffee

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Atypical Coffee is extremely excited to partner with Sisola Coffee to bring you this blend. Sisola purchases freshly picked, ripe cherries from dozens of families in the Tolajuk Village, each of which own and maintain just a few hectares of coffee trees on the eastern slope of Mount Latimojong (Gunung Latimojong), the highest peak in Sulawesi, at 3478 meters above sea level.

The word Sisola comes from the local Luwu language and means “together” (or “bersama” in Indonesian language), conveying the idea that the farmers work to elevate the quality and market opportunities for Luwu coffee. Sisola Coffee says, "With the farmers bringing a higher standard of ripeness, and our company processing with a higher standard of care, together we produce a specialty product that stands apart in this region where coffee has only prior been sold into commodity markets."

Approachable specialty coffee from hard to find or hardly found origins. Roasted in Little Rock, AR.