While everyone else is running away from food deserts, we're running toward them.

The anti-greenwashing farm-to table e-grocery brand that empowers people of all creeds and classes to live sustainable and healthy lives.


Redefining transparency, responsibility, and ownership in our communities and the food system.

Our philosophy


At FareMarket, we're working hard to help Little Rock's underserved communities build their own cooperative farms and food businesses because we believe folks should have a say in what happens in their own communities.

As we build the new food system, FareMarket offers coordination, aggregation, distribution, marketing, technical support for these new businesses, and safe home delivery for our most vulnerable citizens.

Why FareMarket?

Pricing strategy

You won't believe how affordable we're making local food through our community partnerships.


Certified Organic, Certified Naturally Grown, and having the difficult conversations with farmers.

100% transparency

We're exploring blockchain technologies to better connect rural producers with urban customers.

What we believe

Technology has opened humanity to the possibility of a post-scarcity world. But despite an abundance of innovation and automation, income inequality and extreme poverty are at historic highs.

On top of that, much of our most advanced technologies are designed to preserve practices that are destroying our environment. Genetically-modified crops, for example, are meant to withstand the very conditions created by the pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides that are wreaking large-scale havoc on ecosystems around the world.

The root cause of climate change is social, with technology in a supporting role. That's why we partner with local nonprofits and communities to build consumer cooperatives that are focused on local food and controlled by their respective communities.

FareMarket is the best way to make local and organic foods the affordable norm rather than an exclusive exception, but we can't carry out our mission without the support of our communities.

Truth is present in every soul as a seed and can blossom if we devote ourselves.

- Rudolf Steiner

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