Our Vendors

Calvert Enterprises offers primarily Certified Naturally Grown Premium Salad Mix. To protect the health of their family and neighbors, they do not use chemical inputs, even those permitted by organic standards. Instead they use mechanical methods of weed and pest control such as weed barrier, insect netting, and diatomaceous earth. They're working to build our soil with lots of good compost and natural supplementation to bring you the most nutritious produce possible!

Daisy Mae's Gourmet, the "flavor for your life". The owner, Valour Taylor, prepares high-quality foods using the finest ingredients, many of which are locally sourced. Daisy Mae's specialties include handcrafted candies, custom jams and jellies, and seasonings designed to elevate the taste of any dish. Explore their product line, and experience the best flavors of your life.


Travis Short of Farm Girl Meats raises, arguably, the best meats in Central Arkansas and two daughters. He grew up tending livestock in Ohio and first ventured to Arkansas in 1995 to volunteer at Heifer Ranch, where he remained for nearly four years.

Learn more about Travis and his ranch in Perryville on the Cyborg Farmer Blog.

A Man Called Farm Girl

Five Acre Farms is a small, Certified Naturally Grown, no-till farm located in Pleasant Plains, Arkansas. Founded in 2009 by Brandon Gordon, they continually strive to offer fresh, sustainable produce, grown by people who are passionate about what they do. They use no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, instead focusing on the health of their soil, biodiversity, and crop rotation.

Food Jobs Work's innovative 6-week training program, along with their food production enterprise for graduates, called Comeback Kitchen, brings opportunity to those experiencing homelessness, near-homelessness, recent incarceration, and other challenges.

The program emphasizes trauma-informed soft skills as well as tactical kitchen skills. This training helps students become self-sustaining while gaining self-confidence and pride.