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Making salsa is a time-consuming process. It takes hours to prepare and bake the tomatoes, peppers, and onions she uses in Garden Girl's Homemade Chunky Salsa. “And, you know,” says Cheryl, “it tastes different every time, every season.”

Get to know Cheryl Anderson, a farmer, chef, and entrepreneur at Garden Girl Farm Fresh Market, on the Cyborg Farm.

Know Your Farmer, Know Your... Salsa?

Geek Eats founder, Jeremy Rhodes, is passionate about food. He loves flavor and is always searching for new combinations that will tingle your taste buds. All of their products are proudly made in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

A working farm practicing sustainable farming techniques and sharing that knowledge with other farmers through trainings and workshops. Heifer Ranch is a 1,200-acre agricultural training facility that provides support and expertise to new and experienced farmers.

Locally grown, nutrient dense, organic microgreens.

Get to know Luke Walker, the farmer behind Hidden Heights Microgreens, on the Cyborg Farmer Blog.

Highs & Lows: One Little Rock Farmer's Journey from Medical Marijuana to Microgreens

Holland Bottom Farm offers a wide variety of local produce and products to complete your farm-to-table experience. They provide fresh fruits and vegetables during the growing season for you and your family to enjoy.

Holland Bottom Farm has been family operated for nearly 40 years, just outside of Cabot, AR. They pride themselves on growing the freshest produce and the sweetest strawberries around. Stop by their produce stand on the Farm.


Alan Leveritt operates this small family farm, growing grass fed lamb, heirloom tomatoes, and cut flowers. Most of their vegetables are heirloom varieties grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizer. However, Alan does occasionally use Roundup in the aisles due to pressure from Bermuda Grasses.