Our Vendors

Arkansas Natural Produce's herbs are harvested fresh-to-order and grown just a few miles away, in greenhouses and outdoors. This family-farm operation uses natural growing practices. No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or preservatives are used in the growing or processing of their products. Grown close to Little Rock by Jay and Deanna Fulbright in Hot Springs, AR.


Hand-shaped loaves, a wood-fired oven, quality organic and/or non-GMO ingredients properly prepared and the keen attention of their skilled baker come together to create this healthy, flavorful, chewy, and crusty bread for your enjoyment.

Sprout is a companion company to FareMarket. Launched by FareMarket owner and CEO, Benjamin Harrison, Sprout works to bring underserved communities into the local food movement through a consumer cooperative membership structure and partnerships with community organizations. They also provide some quality eggs, honey, and produce for your enjoyment.

Townsend Spice & Supply's goals are simple: never change the excellent reputation of Townsend Supply; never change the well established blends, rubs, cures, and sausage seasonings; continue treating each customer like family (the John Hatfield way); and continue growing and providing new customers with the same quality that is synonymous with Townsend Supply."