Ecuador Hernan Zuniga, 10 oz

Onyx Coffee Lab


This coffee is extremely dense and hard, allowing Onyx to spend time on the roast profile, developing the soluble sugars and applying aggressive heat. It shines on filter as well as espresso and will not last long as it’s a very small micro-lot.

This delicious coffee from Hernan Zuniga is the only Ecuador Onyx has purchased in the last few years. The Onyx team is honored to roast his beautiful coffees from the Las Bolas valley. This washed coffee’s strengths are in its complex array of caramelized sugars and its ability to physically take heat.

Modern. Caturra. Washed & Raised Bed Dried.

Cupping Notes: Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Maple, Dried Apricot


Just a few hours north of Quito, Hernan Zuniga grows coffee in Pichincha. Dramatic shifts in elevation create the Las Tolas valley, where humidity rolls in during the night, but the clouds break just enough in the day to create nearly perfect coffee growing conditions. Elevation can soar up to 1900 meters, causing the maturation of coffee seeds to slow inside the cherry, creating a layered and complex sweetness in the cup. Hernan processes his coffee by hand, using a manual depulper while washing the mucilage off in small batches. The coffee is dried in covered raised beds, which shield it from the full sun and the cold rains at night.

Onyx was introduced to Hernan Zuniga’s coffee from their friend Aleco at Red Fox Coffee Merchants. Due to the limited amount of travel this year, they cupped this as a spot offering at their headquarters in Arkansas, but they hope to visit Ecuador in the future to further develop this relationship.