Kenya Rungeto Peaberry, 10 oz

Onyx Coffee Lab


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Peaberries by nature usually have subtle, ferment-like undertones; however, this coffee strikes the balance between thick, syrupy, engendered sweetness, and clean, bright stone fruit and citrus.

A great compliment to Onyx' line up, this coffee is crushable, so be careful! Performs well both as an espresso and filter. This is Onyx' first Peaberry release from the Rungeto Farmers Cooperative, and they're extremely excited. This coffee is extremely sugar dense. 

Modern. SL28, SL34, Batian, Ruiru 11. Washed.

Cupping Notes: Grapefruit, Simple Syrup, Cocoa, Blackcurrant


In December of ‘19, Onyx visited their friends at NKG mills just outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Christophe from NKG has been very kind to the team through the seasons. During the harvest, Christophe drove them up to visit a few stations they had purchased from in the past.

While driving through Kirinyaga county, they stopped to visit the Kii factory of the Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society. The Kii factory sits on a vibrant red dirt road just outside the Githure, where trucks come in full of cherry to be dropped into a large tank to be processed.

Kii is under careful management, where they uphold strict quality standards from cherry to drying. After cherries are dropped off, they’re sorted and depulped. The parchment ferments in dry tanks overnight. Once it’s been fermented, the parchment is passed through clean tiled channels, where it is washed of the last mucilage before being transferred to a drying bed.

Once the coffee is transferred to the drying beds, it is labeled and turned often to ensure even drying. At the time of Onyx' visit, the Kii factory drying beds were nearly full. Kii operating at maximum capacity is due to the growing membership of the Rungeto FCS. Between the three factories, the coop has over four thousand members and processes nearly nine thousand bags of coffee throughout the harvest.

After harvest, the team returned to Kenya and cupped some of the Rungeto production at NKG. They zeroed in at the cupping table on this peaberry lot, which is a blend of the three factories' top-quality peaberries.