Moon Drops Face Serum

Kind Folke


The moon correlates to the water element in the body and mind. It is governed by Yin energy- the fluidity of the feminine. It is the truth seeker of shadows and healer of those willing to embrace the fierce grace it takes to recognize the divinity in all. It isn’t afraid to seep into the crevices of life and seek out the gifts hidden from the immediacy of the surface.

Always moving and never attaching to stories or judgement, drawing the messages it needs as it smooths out the rough edges of life. The new moon, aka the dark moon, reminds us that we can always start from an empty vessel of new beginnings. That the dark creates the canvas for light.

A rich serum of frankincense and chamomile dripping with neroli that has been bathed in rose hips and argan. Deeply moisturizing and nurturing, this oil can be used alone or added to your favorite moisturizer. Its magic is potent and only takes a few drops to receive its many benefits.

1oz reusable glass dropper bottle

Earth-wise, organic, luxury body treatments, and herbal tonics, handmade in Little Rock with kindness by Kayce Johnson of Kind Folke.