Grison Dairy & Creamery


Grison Dairy & Creamery’s Säntis is modeled after the Appenzeller cheese. It‘s named after the iconic mountain in eastern Switzerland where Appenzeller cheese is traditionally produced. This raw milk cheese is made with spring milk and aged for a minimum of 60 days. During the aging process, it’s washed in a special herb and local beer solution, which enhances its flavor. Only available for an exclusive amount of time each year. 

The Farm

Grison Dairy Farm was founded in 1997 when Swiss immigrants, Heinz and Vroni Buff bought an existing dairy farm in Douglas County, Missouri close to Ava. Named after their native canton in Switzerland, Grison. Over the years, emphasis was placed on improving pasture and increasing yields. Care was always given to the environment, and the farm produces most of its own forage. The Buff family believes the most economical and environmentally friendly way to produce milk is to allow the cows to graze on pastures.

Their Cows

Grison Dairy is home to both Holstein and Brown Swiss cows. Most of the herd consists of homebred cows. In the evenings, you can see the next generation grazing around the house. Emphasis is placed on breeding cows that combine milk production, milk quality, longevity, feed efficiency, with type and style. The farm currently milks around 100 cows twice a day. And to the joy of the neighbors, the cows can be heard by the bells that they wear. 

Meet the Cheesemaker 

Grison Dairy & Creamery‘s cheese maker is Adrianne buff, who grew up on the farm. After completing high school, he went back to Switzerland to do a three-year apprenticeship program as a European dairy technologist. While attending cheesemaking school for one day a week; he also worked for Napf Chäsi, in central Switzerland, on the other days. Napf Chäsi was very well-known in the area for producing mini specialty products, including cheese, yogurt, butter, bottled cream, and milk. Adrian enjoyed making the cheese most. Producing many different cheeses, including Quark, Brie, semihard, washed rind cheeses, Emmentaler, hard-washed rind cheese, and an extra hard cheese. At the end of three years, Adrian was tested in making the Brie and Emmentaler for his final exam.