Stacey's Organic Tortillas, 8”

Albert’s Organics


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Here at Stacey’s Organic tortillas, we believe in keeping it simple, healthy for your body and healthy for the planet.  All of our tortillas are USDA certified organic, verified GMO-free, kosher and vegan.  We use only certified organic flours and oils and aluminum-free, GMO-free baking powder.  Our tortillas are free of  hydrogenated oils (trans-fats), cholesterol and sugar.

**For optimal quality, freshness, and delicious-ness, please store your tortillas in your refrigerator, and then heat them up to soften before serving.  Stacey’s Organic tortillas can be easily warmed up in a pan (dry or with oil) or an oven.**

Ingredients: organic unbleached white flour, water, organic sunflower oil, baking powder, salt, citric acid, organic malted barley flour