White River Creamery


Indulge in this timeless French classic with White River Creamery's Chocolate Fromage Blanc! This indulgent cheese is rich in probiotics (more than yogurt) and sourced locally from Elkins, AR, giving you a fresh, unique taste you won't find anywhere else. Experience the same sumptuous mix of sweet cream and rich dark chocolate enjoyed by Belgians and French alike!

Made with cow's milk, Fromage Blanc is a soft, creamy, spreadable cheese. It is the cow’s milk alternative to chèvre. Great for toast, crackers, or charcuterie. This Chocolate Fromage Blanc features a bit more buttermilk undertones, lending it a subtly tart citrus flavor. 

Perfect for strawberry season, fromages are traditionally served at the end of dinner with fruit and honey

Food miles: 163