Local food tips for pet wellness

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Local food tips for pet wellness

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Our pet food is sourced from Bradford Valley Farms in Damascus, Arkansas, where the Bradfords move their chickens daily to ensure their birds get plenty of fresh grass and insects. That way all the necessary nutrients are available with absolutely no funny stuff.

Local food & the next pandemic

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TAKE $15 OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER OF $50 OR MORE WITH CODE FARE_WELL Local food & the next pandemic Posted by Jack Rollins, 04-18-20 “May you live in interesting times.”—ancient Chinese curse In the last fifty years, disease outbreaks like COVID, Ebola, and Swine Flu have occurred at an increasing...

What it really means to know your farmer

Benjamin Harrison

What does the average person understand about where their food comes from? And when they begin to realize how important that information is, can they trust farmers, agribusiness, and regulatory authorities to relay the truth? 

Roughing Alaska, Homesteading Arkansas

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In the Alaskan wilderness, the Bradfords were virtually alone. “It was awesome,” says Kinsey Bradford. “We went for a year, and had we not had kids, I think we’d still be out there.”