Our Memberships

Help us bring local food to underserved communities and food deserts throughout Little Rock.

Why membership?

As long as sustainability remains a luxury market relegated to the few, climate change will continue to ravage the planet. Our future depends on an environmentally-friendly economy, and membership is how we're building it. Our mission is to bring communities into the local food movement by creating a fund for community-controlled food enterprises throughout Little Rock.

Invest in new community-owned local food businesses

Give communities the power to reinvest in their own infrastructure

Make local food affordable in every community regardless of income

Establish environmentally friendly products as a way of life instead of a luxury

Help communities engage in meaningful ways with local farmers

Aid communities in building their own urban farms and food systems

Socially conscious

We believe local food is a basic human right rather than a luxury, and we're working with our members to bring high-quality groceries to underserved communities.


Climate change is often viewed as a technical problem, but it's actually rooted in inequality. Our members are doing something about it.

Health conscious

With the widespread fraud in the organic foods market, it's difficult to be certain of anything we put on our plates, despite labels. FareMarket members help us establish greater food transparency.


Join the fight

Stay up to date on our progress in the communities we serve. The work is vital, and we'd love to share our journey with you.

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