Mutual Aid Memberships

Help us bring local food to underserved communities and food deserts in Little Rock.

Why membership?

A line divides Little Rock. On one side there are supermarkets, farm-to-table restaraunts, and farmers markets. On the other, there are gas stations, fast food, dollar stores, and where fresh food is found, it's of poor quality. This situation has worsened with the closure of grocery stores like City Market on 12th Street in 2018.

To increase access to sustainable, fresh, local food in food deserts, we need your help. Our future depends on building sustainable economies, and membership is our hammer. FareMarket's ability to deliver locally-sourced groceries in Little Rock's food deserts is acheived through our mutual aid memberships. Become a sustaining member today!

Support Arkansas farmers by increasing access to their products in food deserts.

Give our underserved communities the gift of experiencing local food.

Make local food available in every community regardless of income.

Establish environmentally friendly products as a way of life.

Bridge the rural-urban divide. Help communities engage in meaningful ways with local farmers.

Help the 1 in 5 Arkansas children and 1 in 8 seniors who are food insecure.


At FareMarket, we believe local food is a basic human right, and we work with our mutual aid members to bring local food to Little Rock's food deserts.


Climate change is often viewed as a technology problem, but our team sees it as a problem of accessibility. Memberships are how we increase access to sustainable local food.


Sustainably-grown food builds and preserves the earth's soils and has been scientifically-proven to produce fruits and veggies with more vitamins and nutrients than conventional practices. Let's widen its impact!


Join our food war correspondence list!

Stay up to date on our progress in the communities we serve. The work is vital, and we'd love to share our journey with you.

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