Local food tips for pet wellness

1. Do away with the guess work

Our pet food is sourced from Bradford Valley Farms in Damascus, Arkansas, where the Bradfords move their chickens daily to ensure their birds get plenty of fresh grass and insects. That way all the necessary nutrients are available with absolutely no funny stuff.

2. Higher nutrient content

Spinach loses the majority of its protein content within 24 hours of being harvested. Even healthy pet food brands can't compete with the nutritional quality of locally sourced ingredients. That's why adding local greens and veggies to your pet food actually does provide added value.

3. Healthier, shinier fur

In addition to regular brushing and baths for your animal kids, making sure your dog's diet has plenty of protein can lead to big improvements in coat quality. The Bradford's pet food is made from ground chicken frames and are chock full of protein, and avoiding grains and added preservatives goes a long way too.

4. Redefining dog years

Are we all that different from our fur babies? Obesity in humans is linked to a variety of chronic food-related illnesses, and the same story plays out for our critters. In fact, reducing obesity in pets increases their lifespan by an average of 20 percent.

5. No fillers, No junk

Preservatives? Nope. Antibiotics? No way. Be 100% certain your pet doesn't eat these things with locally-sourced pet food from FareMarket.

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